Maltreat [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Maltreat:

The teacher himself is accustomed to maltreat the boys and whip them mercilessly.

You not only pay another man to take away your means of health, you usually maltreat him.

If it is rather general to hate Nature and maltreat women, we begin to see why the world is a mad world.'

It is forbidden to maltreat the inoffensive portion of the population.

And why should anybody desire to so maltreat and frighten her?

I learn from different quarters that the French maltreat our prisoners; a woman has put out the eyes of an Uhlan.

He liked his work,—nothing pleased him more than to maltreat this little prince of the blood,—and he liked his pay even better.

Early in the morning, all through the day, and late at night, I have lived to maltreat those clothes.

It certainly was infuriating that a youth, admitted to partnership barely three years ago, should thus maltreat his associates.

These poor people have been brought up to hate and maltreat every body who does not agree with their opinions.