Maul [verb]

Definition of Maul:

mangle, abuse

Synonyms of Maul:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maul:

Sentence/Example of Maul:

Would you have had the courage to swing the maul for the first blow if you had seen that bulkhead?

A smart rap on the head with the maul and he came into the dory quietly.

I met him with a maul, and parried his blow, or I should have then lost my life.

It was at last young Maul's time to speak and he arose, slightly nervous.

By gracious, I feel that if some one would plow for me I'd let him maul me until he got tired.

And, so saying, I picked up the maul and walked out of the building.

Do you think the first tiger I see will get into my howdah and maul me?

Maul him, and send him back to Stanley Junction as a lesson to the others.

Is it because he's twice as small As you, just right for you to maul?

She'd have had Maul's life, perhaps, before we were out of the Channel.'