Grazed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Grazed:

At noon we camped, and cooked a bite of dinner while the horses grazed; ate it, and went on again.

The bullet grazed the ear of Lawton, who laughed as he shook his head, saying: “A miss is as good as a mile.”

The second shot from the latter was well directed; it grazed our mast and carried away the luff of the mainsail.

The soft breezes blew gently over the rich green plain whereon the red deer grazed peacefully and turned not at his approach.

Orazio had his left ear carried off by a ballet, while another slightly grazed his right leg.

Pingis rang pagkaigúa maung nakalupad, I just grazed it so it managed to fly away.

While the ponies grazed, the Sioux ate heartily of the dried elk meat which Red Dog had given them.

All day as they grazed there rose a murmur out of them, as of discontent, complaint, or pain.

Neela, the zebra, and his family of fifteen grazed quietly near the center of a level stretch of grassland.

The bullet had grazed his side just under the shoulder, making a painful though not a dangerous injury.