Battered [verb]

Definition of Battered:

strike and damage

Synonyms of Battered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battered:

Sentence/Example of Battered:

Presently a ray of inspiration dispelled the cloud from the features of the battered man.

It was there also that she ate, keeping her belongings in a rare old buffet, dingy and battered from a hundred years of use.

The place must be battered until a breach was made, and stormed à la Turque.

But as no junk-man came, and as no one could be found to care for its now sadly battered hulk, its good riddance became a problem.

He heard voices above, and looking up he saw the glare of light through the opening he had battered.

He pushed his battered felt hat further back on his head in a gesture of disgust.

On the 20th the gates of the palace were battered in and the British flag was hoisted from its topmost turret.

It was a rather battered jackknife, and Scattergood noticed that one blade had been broken off.

Broken furniture still stood in the roofless rooms, and in front of a battered bureau Henri paused.

In the meanwhile Weston stood still, with the rain on his face and his battered hat in his hand.