Crushed [verb]

Definition of Crushed:

compress, smash

Synonyms of Crushed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crushed:

Sentence/Example of Crushed:

Opting for devices that are made to handle the crush will be a life-saver.

The rail service often brings in extra workers to manage the crush of passengers at Union Station, but this year will be different.

Someone’s anatomy also doesn’t determine who they might have a crush on or fall in love with.

Some of the workers who tested positive in October and have since recovered came back to work last week to help contend with the crush of absentee votes.

Sometimes we develop a crush on an attractive person who seems absolutely perfect right up until the first or second date, when the person reveals that what we thought was confidence and charisma was egotism and bullying.

SEATTLE — Pandemic-fueled online shopping, coupled with the expected crush of holiday sales, has led Amazon to add 400,000 jobs this year, pushing its total employment over 1 million for the first time.

Those new jobs — primarily in its warehouses and delivery operations — come as the company continues to deal with a crush of orders from shoppers reluctant to buy goods in stores over concerns about the novel coronavirus.

In Pennsylvania, the crush of mail-in votes is a record, more than 10 times the number received by counties in 2016′s presidential election.

That makes it easier to recruit poll workers at the local level, which has been key as the state grapples with both the pandemic and the crush of mail-in ballots and early voting, McDonell said.

Author-illustrator Alice Oseman tells this boy-meets-boy story with drawings that show the roller-coaster of teenage crushes and the awkwardness of early romance.