Agonized [verb]

Definition of Agonized:

suffer or cause another to suffer

Synonyms of Agonized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agonized:

Sentence/Example of Agonized:

The gnarled hands shut up into clenched fists, and the feeble voice trailed off in an agonized moan.

As she twisted his great red ear, the agonized cries of Johnny became heartrending.

Her face, haggard, restless with the quivering of her agonized nerves, was as a wild book for him to read.

He replied to her agonized questioning that, yes, it might be possible, with infinite precaution and incessant care.

He half feared to look upon his work; to see Susan's face agonized under his blow.

"Stone dead—bullet plum through his head," said the agonized Shorty.

Presently Si was agonized to see a fringe of blue break back from the bank of smoke, and run rapidly to the rear.

The figure began to move slowly toward the door, its eyes fixed on mine with a look that was weary and almost agonized.

Friend Whittier was present, and heard the agonized entreaties of his wife and children.

That the child should be abject and agonized before the grim, cynical tattler of Whisper Cove!