Shook [verb]

Definition of Shook:

quiver, tremble

Synonyms of Shook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shook:

Sentence/Example of Shook:

She shook her head and the fancy cleared away, and then others came.

There was a certain careless calm about this that shook Andrew to his center again.

He invited them to enter, and shook Katherine by the hand, as if he had not met her for a long time.

At dinner she shook and jerked and spilt things worse than ever.

She untied the bit of calico string with fingers that shook from excitement.

The landlady looked at him in a motherly way and shook her head.

Sir Nigel shook his head and laughed softly to himself, "I see how it is with you," he said.

And always, in response to every argument, Mary shook her head in negation.

Garson shook his head in refusal, but there was no conviction in the act.

Burke, however, shook his head in remonstrance against Gilder's plea.