Sore [adjective]

Definition of Sore:

hurt physically

Synonyms of Sore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sore:

Sentence/Example of Sore:

The horses are all very tired, and many of them have sore backs.

To consider these evils, to find their remedy, is the most sore necessity of our times.

Brother Mark of the Spicarium is sore smitten with a fever and could not come.

Evidently the Street and all that pertained was a sore subject.

His mind refused to work out the problem; his side was so sore.

Get up here and dance, and don't sit there like a bear nursing a sore paw.

My head was bandaged, and most of the hair had been cut off in front I was stiff and sore all over me.

Only I'd be sorry to have you sore on Kellogg for saddling me on you.

My heart was sore at the idea of leaving France, for many sorrowful reasons.

She pecked on his nose, which by now, what of previous adventures was sore.