Bills [noun]

Definition of Bills:

account of charges; money owed

Synonyms of Bills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bills:


Sentence/Example of Bills:

The difficulty of educating handlers of bills in distant places as to American credits.

The lack of bill buyers in foreign countries who will quote as low rates on dollar as on sterling bills.

The Act permits member banks to accept an amount of bills not exceeding 50 per cent.

The charges in general are quite reasonable, though I have paid one or two absurd bills.

But the ill-natured people were quite wrong; it was not Messrs. Jones who paid Mrs. Charmington's bills.

In ordinary times these bills are safe enough, if due precautions are taken.

“Flood”—Cleveland vetoed an unprecedented number of bills during his term.

I being, he considered, the more prudent in money matters, kept our lodging accounts and paid the bills.

Bills, a communication from his agent at Etchingham, a note from his man of affairs in Cairo, and—hullo!

A little inquiry by the officers showed that the trouble originated in the rejection of the bills by the railroad.