Commensurate [adjective]

Definition of Commensurate:

adequate, corresponding

Synonyms of Commensurate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commensurate:

Sentence/Example of Commensurate:

Its blessings were not commensurate with its evils; but the evils were less than those which previously existed.

He had become suddenly a person of substance-an associate of men of consequence, with a commensurate income.

The Jews confessed their sins to their rabbis, and the penance or punishment was commensurate with their guilt.

If they have any evil design to which there is no ordinary legal power commensurate, they bring it into Parliament.

It is, indeed, difficult for the pastor to adopt a policy commensurate with modern demands.

Unfortunately these conferences produced no result at all commensurate with the sacrifices entailed.

Nor was this all, for I found he represented me as the son of a man of immense wealth and of a rank commensurate with his fortune.

They required not only an adequate cause for their removal, but one commensurate with the effects.

If you like, I can see that you have a military or naval commission of rank commensurate with your importance.

The car in which Wilbur conveyed his guest to the scene of revelry was not of an elegance commensurate with Winona's.