Horizontal [adjective]

Definition of Horizontal:

lying flat

Synonyms of Horizontal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Horizontal:

Sentence/Example of Horizontal:

This capability was restored, she discovered, when the yeasts acquired bacterial versions of those genes via horizontal gene transfer.

The miter saw is fully adjustable with easy to read markers and a 14-Inch expanded horizontal cutting capacity.

As a matter of physics, rotation is required to produce horizontal or physical movement on pitches.

It also appears that horizontal gene exchange isn’t limited to prokaryotes.

Interstellar horizontal gene transfer need not involve physical movement, but could enhance the fitness of any participating species.

In the diagram the horizontal arrows represent such mere banking operations, not true circulation.

It had worked at Tavistock; it was a horizontal high-pressure pole puffer.

Carlson was a little above medium height, dark complexioned, his brow a washboard of horizontal wrinkles.

The cliffs of Red Point partake of a reddish tinge and appear to be disposed nearly in horizontal strata.

The tubes are horizontal over the fire, the water circulating through them.