Collar [noun]

Definition of Collar:

neck attire

Synonyms of Collar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collar:


Sentence/Example of Collar:

I am a bachelor and need to know how to clean "ring around the collar."

The punishment can be a yell, forcing the dog down, a sharp word or jerk of the collar.

That led to a failure of the mainstream business community and economists and politicians to recognize the challenges that led to the disenfranchisement of blue collar workers.

Get some good gearSearch for “walking a dog” online and you’ll find pages of photos with people holding leashes attached to a collar around a dog’s throat, which is exactly what the experts we spoke to advise against.

Lots of things now have GPS receivers inside, including smartphones, cars and even dog collars.

His hat was pushed back from his forehead, the collar of his blue flannel shirt was open.

Presently there was a clattering of hoofs behind him, and Ribsy came galloping along the road, with nothing on him but his collar.

He had had his jaw smashed but I have seen men pull longer faces at breaking a collar stud.

His attire, from the square-pointed collar down to the neat black brogues, was spotless.

Sikes had disappeared for an instant; but he was up again, and had him by the collar before the smoke had cleared away.