Torque [noun]

Definition of Torque:

twisted item

Synonyms of Torque:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torque:

Sentence/Example of Torque:

It seems to be descending from overhead, but Pat says that that's the "torque" doing it.

There are various devices by which the torque may be (approximately) got rid of.

The torque of the rubber strands on so short an arm is very great.

Around his neck was the torque, the emblem of chieftainship.

The head snapped off as soon as I applied a few inch-pounds of torque.

There was no torque on that part, nothing to dislodge it in the course of normal operations.

There was a necklace round her throat, and a torque on his head.

It was the torque which Heidrek's men had taken from him, and I told her so.

"With the torque, but not with the luck, as it is to be hoped," he said.

You alter the torque, then try the various radio wave bands in the new position.