Necklace [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Necklace:

And the pearls, the young chief's necklace, what became of that?

Ayllon had the necklace with him in the slack of his doublet.

Round her throat was a necklace of a double row of large pearls.

That necklace, which is never off her neck now, he turned for her, my lady; it is a present of his.

A necklace of rubies, the best they have, one that will cost at least twenty thousand marks.

"Don't trouble yourself about the necklace," he said, rather impatiently.

Then he looked at the merchant and asked: “Why is your necklace so short?”

He brought her rings, bracelets, a necklace, a slender diadem.

She would have torn the necklace from her neck if Pascal had not prevented her.

Would he not be worse than Eriphyle, who sold her husband's life for a necklace?