Respects [noun]

Definition of Respects:

good wishes

Synonyms of Respects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Respects:


Sentence/Example of Respects:

As respects this allocation, how would I modify that instrument?

As respects our House of Representatives, it would in principle be the same.

The recreations of young Gladstone were not in all respects like his school-mates.

Nor is it any objection to her being so, that she is not in all respects a perfect character.

As a result we accentuate morals in these respects, but not in any others.

The family is in that, as in so many other respects, a humbug.

(To his son) Now, Thomas, come forward, and pay your respects.

We have adopted this system in all respects but one, and that the vital one.

In all these respects they have been regarded as laymen from the beginning.

Let this be as it might, I was kindly treated; living, in all respects, as if I were one of the family.