Deduct [verb]

Definition of Deduct:

take away or out; reduce

Synonyms of Deduct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deduct:

Sentence/Example of Deduct:

I wonder whether answering this means I can deduct the cost of 11 years of youth hockey as a business expense.

The IRS ruled in November that if a PPP borrower “reasonably expects to receive forgiveness,” then the borrower “may not deduct those expenses” in the year they were paid.

Specifically, owning your own home means that you are often able to deduct interest and property taxes paid each year, which can result in significant tax savings over the course of the time that you own your home.

Meanwhile, payments are conducted automatically and deducted from virtual wallets.

A judge will deduct points based on the degree of any bending.

Those who are watching us cannot possibly deduct anything from the presence of General Maxgregor at your aunt's reception.

Deduct the hauling of materials—a considerable item—which could be done by the farmers themselves at odd times.

Deduct British and foreign tons employed in the colonial trade, viz.

Deduct the cost of crushing the quartz, (for it is found only in quartz,) and there is left—how much?

I won't deduct for it; I look to you to make it up handsomely by keeping the expenses down.