Substantiated [verb]

Definition of Substantiated:

back up a statement, idea

Synonyms of Substantiated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Substantiated:

Sentence/Example of Substantiated:

My quotations are reliable and can always, if necessary, be substantiated.

This work has not been substantiated by the most recent investigations on this subject.

If these two points are substantiated, the overwhelming conclusion is inevitable.

Mr. Enwright was then sworn, and substantiated Chief Blake's remarks.

Madam, if this can all be substantiated you are a very wealthy woman.

His findings could not be substantiated by other investigators.

If the fact be of service in any way, it can easily be substantiated.

This statement could easily be substantiated were there time.

Well, I'm bound to say that your story and Jerry's yarns seem to be substantiated, boys!

A note some time after substantiated the accident and death of the father.