Unforeseeable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unforeseeable:

What you call an unforeseeable form is only a new arrangement of old elements.

In so far as we are geometricians, then, we reject the unforeseeable.

No, nothing had been unforeseeable; and in what light did that fact leave him?

A situation charged with all kinds of unforeseeable results.

Of course there's always a big margin for the unforeseeable.

I can't imagine, sir, unless—just possibly—there's been some unforeseeable difficulty involving the new metal-foil wrappers.

He was the representative of an old order going down in the unforeseeable welter of twentieth-century politics.

New methods and engines, with unforeseeable possibilities, were already in embryo or in actual being.

This blow had fallen entirely and utterly unforeseen, but he acknowledged grimly that it had not been unforeseeable.

Man is hemmed in as to thought and action on all sides by all kinds of mysterious forces working in unforeseeable ways.