Discriminatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discriminatory:

If employers make sure these tools are not grossly discriminatory, in all likelihood they will not draw the attention of federal regulators.

They say it would infringe on both First Amendment rights and the federal laws against taxing Internet companies in a discriminatory way.

These cities have outcomes more consistent with a “pattern or practice” of discriminatory policing.

In deferring to this notion of states’ rights, Lincoln also deferred to discriminatory views and practices.

The war on terror has been done in a way that is not only discriminatory but ineffective.

The previous year, 2018, had seen a series of high-profile automated failures, like self-driving-car crashes and discriminatory recruiting tools.

Watson ruled that the policy violated the 14th Amendment, which states that states must provide equal protection under the law for its citizens and cannot set “intentional and arbitrary” discriminatory policies.

As in civil rights law, disparate impact needs to be addressed regardless of how complex its causes or whether there is discriminatory intent.

Discriminatory taxes, too; pinched the small landholding and industrial barons and favored a few big ones.

This case went to the Supreme Court which decided in 1908 that the device was unlawful and discriminatory.