Inequitable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inequitable:

Franklin objected to Dickinson's proposal of one vote per state on the ground that it was an inequitable arrangement.

The amendment confines its donations to the old States, and, so doing, makes an inequitable discrimination in their favor.

Thus has the idealist conspired with the materialist to keep actual life impoverished and inequitable.

The wicked are dispersed among the clouds, as are also the poor and lowly, an inequitable disposition worthy of a theocracy!

They complement the uninvited poor; both are largely a product of unjust and inequitable social conditions.

The tax-exempt organizations have a vested interest in the oppressive, inequitable, and wasteful federal-income-tax system.

He simply says: 'Railroads cannot, if they would, maintain any inequitable local tariff.'

Marcher rule at the worst had been infamously cruel, at the best inconvenient and inequitable.

Plausible as this rule may appear, it is impracticable, inequitable, and unjust.

In many cases it might be inequitable to allow costs, and the court should be left free to exercise its legal discretion.