Embodied [verb]

Definition of Embodied:

represent; materialize

Synonyms of Embodied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embodied:

Sentence/Example of Embodied:

All these results hint that the structures of living neural systems embody certain optimal solutions to the tasks they have taken on.

One of the biggest advances in 21st-century mathematics is an object called a “perfectoid space,” which embodies this perspective.

Asado, which means lit or roast, is a South American grilling tradition that embodies not just the meal, but also the family and friends you share it with.

The dream of nature is a psychedelic dream, suspended in time, where Anjelica, Florence, Jodie, and Susie embody four different ways of being a woman.

Franklin Avenue in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn is lined with restaurants that embody the city’s diverse, lively and fighting spirit.

The saga of Leonard Green and Prospect embodies a broader trend.

Pierre embodied the transmission and innovation that has always permeated the kitchens of the establishment.

She has embodied in her work a modern comprehension of old legends.

By this new species of shorthand we might have embodied this very article in half a dozen sprightly etchings!

The relative quantity of labor embodied in each object is the basis of its value.