Altitude [noun]

Definition of Altitude:

height in the sky

Synonyms of Altitude:

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Sentence/Example of Altitude:

She cautions it cannot serve as an end-all solution for scanning debris of all sizes and altitudes—but should make for another useful tool in the debris tracking toolbelt.

Surprisingly, another yellow-rumped leaf-eared mouse was found at sea level, indicating that this species has the broadest altitude distribution of any mammal, in addition to the altitude record.

Even at mile-high altitude, pitching will be key to any success for the Rockies, given that they project to have some of the poorest production in the majors at catcher, first base, left field and center field, according to FanGraphs.

In the last few decades, turbine heights have more than tripled to go after greater gusts at higher altitudes, and they’ve sprouted rotors long as football fields to more efficiently catch all that energy.

One especially large, long-lasting smoke plume rose to a record altitude while spinning and wrapping itself in rotating winds.

At this place he obtained an indifferent meridian altitude which placed it in 16 degrees 40 minutes 18 seconds South.

Livingstone gives an account of a variety that attained an altitude much higher than the American plant.

Those produced by the moon would have an altitude of about one foot, and those by the sun of about three inches.

It is likely that in a general way the ocean surges which beat against the coast are of greater altitude.

Not only should the altitude of the plant be taken into account, but also the size and texture of the leaf.