Leap [noun]

Definition of Leap:

jump; increase

Synonyms of Leap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leap:


Sentence/Example of Leap:

With this deal, Ambani has taken a giant leap in the retail sector, leaving behind all domestic and international rivals, including Amazon, led by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos.

Even if the available evidence matches both theories, one requires less of a leap.

Third baseman Yoan Moncada and starter Lucas Giolito took big leaps last season, while left fielder Eloy Jiménez and maybe even highly touted Cuban prospect Luis Robert seem poised to do the same this year.

The discovery of the new tetraquark is a huge leap forward, and is an indication that there are still many new exotic particles out there, waiting for someone to unveil them.

Normally we’re kind of chipping away at the problem as opposed to making such a giant leap forward.

She would let him run about for a few moments and then she would leap upon him as if she had nearly lost him.

Suddenly his quick eye lit on something in the gravel path and his heart gave a great leap.

I sprang forward to leap after her, but hands grasped me and flung me back so violently that I fell down on the platform.

This had the effect of causing the fourth lion to break cover and leap upon a rock as the first had done.

Thus age and avarice can always over-leap barriers which, to the young and romantic, are insurmountable.