Thrive [verb]

Definition of Thrive:

do well

Synonyms of Thrive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrive:

Sentence/Example of Thrive:

“I had rather study than thrive,” said Ambrose rather dreamily.

In cool rooms, not above 60 to 65 degrees by day, they thrive.

Some people are apt to think, the more plentifully they eat and drink, the better they thrive, and the stronger they grow.

The common practice is to keep them under hand-glasses, but they will thrive better under a reed fence, placed sloping over them.

And if there's more than you expected, all the better for you—some of 'em'll be sure to thrive anyhow.

He is a typical city dweller and has learned to thrive there.

Emotions, he thought wryly, become a woman; they thrive on them.

Obedience, neatness, punctuality do not thrive in such an atmosphere.

Even if he had not found trouble in his native place, he could not hope to thrive there.

A breed of silken creatures lurk and thrive In your contempt.