Tote [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tote:

Can you get yourself home from this spot, or shall I borrow a wheelbarrow and tote you there?

"You'll have to tote them there things," he swiftly explained.

Pluto had to just about tote him home––following the dogs at his age, the idea!

Craig was making his way along the tote road in a buckboard, with a driver.

The tote road was rough and rocky and the equipage was light.

Poor fellow, he really did think he could tote dat horse on his back.

When I was small my job was to tote cool water to the field to the hands.

This main road is quite distinct from and much superior to the tote road.

Then I let her tote the worry of it around while I ride off to Mesa.

"Tote on mama," cried the child hurriedly, as if it felt there was no time to be lost.