Proceeded [verb]

Definition of Proceeded:

physically or mentally carry on, carry out

Synonyms of Proceeded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proceeded:

Sentence/Example of Proceeded:

John had been under her dominion, and proceeded to persuade her.

A salt lake was visible a few miles to the east, towards which we proceeded.

Having paid their bill, they proceeded to the Cassino, where they took their café.

Parents, proceeded she, when children are young, are pleased with every thing they do.

Let me tell you then, proceeded she, that all lies in a small compass, as your father said.

He then proceeded to show the inadequacy of the figures presented by Mr. O'Connell.

Grace caught Emma by the shoulders and proceeded to shake her.

He ran and pulled some grass and proceeded to rub the Major down.

Then he dropped to a seat on the couch, and proceeded to make his confidences to the magnate.

But a touch of cheerfulness appeared in his tones as he proceeded.