Embarked [verb]

Definition of Embarked:

get on transportation object

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Sentence/Example of Embarked:

The author, Jon Mooallem, made the point that it was a good moment for humility and perspective-taking in America, and for that reason he was embarking on a pilgrimage to encounter lives older and grander than his own.

Instead, Corliss has embarked on a journey into the depths of his own troubled mind.

Along with Spitkovsky and Fiuza, Park is among more than a dozen scientists involved in the Astrophysical Collisionless Shock Experiments with Lasers collaboration, or ACSEL, the quest Park embarked upon a decade ago.

If there’s any hesitation about the risky adventure they’re about to embark on, it’s well hidden.

For now, the researchers want to understand what cues plasma cells follow in the guts to know it is time for them to embark on a journey to the brain.

Opposites attract, they embark on a fake relationship, they suffer misunderstandings and unfortunate overhears.

Writing in a recent note to clients, Pivotal research analyst Michael Levine said that leading up to the election, some marketers embarked on a “decision-tree” like planning approach.

He and other officials embarked on an aggressive effort to visit resistant hospitals.

The two have remained close, and Weems was hired as a scout by the Cavs in 2015, shortly before James embarked on a season that ended with the franchise’s first NBA title.

The unfamiliar microbial composition of a spaceship atmosphere is not the only obstacle astronauts will face if they ever embark on longer missions to destinations like Mars.