Mounted [adjective]

Definition of Mounted:

on horseback

Synonyms of Mounted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mounted:

Sentence/Example of Mounted:

They were all mounted, armed with rifles, and used their rifles well.

Allen was mounted on the major's charger, and was ordered to swim the river.

He mounted the little steps softly, and entered the chamber.

Yates mounted with some difficulty, and the two went trotting down the road.

You are three armed and mounted men, and we are only two, unarmed and on foot.

Stoliker slipped the handcuffs into his pocket again, and mounted his horse.

I mean the mounted and disreputable portion, not the decent infantry.

Nimrod mounted the only standing horse and went in the direction of the sound.

Bulwarks had been raised on her, and she mounted eight sixes, in regular broadside.

This he moulded into a loop, and mounted inside a pear-shaped bulb of glass.