Sprinted [verb]

Definition of Sprinted:

run very fast

Synonyms of Sprinted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sprinted:


Sentence/Example of Sprinted:

And so Max sprinted more or less whenever he had the chance.

Kirkwood planked down the fare, swore, and sprinted for the carriages.

I climbed out slowly while Ned sprinted there in seconds flat.

Dennison saw them, swerved suddenly and sprinted across the street.

The car rolled on in the darkness while Stan sprinted along the hedge.

Once safe below the crest, he sprinted after Slade at top speed.

He sprinted for the street, followed closely by Dave Darrin.

Whereupon he sprinted down to the corner and turned up the street.

Barrent turned into a street, and sprinted until he reached an alley.

He got to his feet instantly and sprinted up the landing stage.