Chose [verb]

Definition of Chose:

pick, select

Synonyms of Chose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chose:

Sentence/Example of Chose:

This tiny person spent little or none of his time in the tree-tops, but chose to stay near the ground.

Now, he chose a small table in a corner of the balcony, close to the glass screen.

What if his father insisted upon his going to London, and doing any other dirty work which these fellows chose to put upon him?

Mais c'est chose digne de memoire que cet homme mourant avoit touiours le sacr nom de Iesvs en la bouche.

Et de verit vn Pasteur est excusable qui manque faire chose dont il n'a connoissance.

Dans le bonheur de nos meilleurs amis nous trouvons souvent quelque chose qui ne nous plaît pris entièrement.

Comyn chose the latter alternative; and the agreement was guaranteed by oaths and embodied in indentures duly sealed.

The bar-room, no doubt, is still much the same as on the stormy night which Dickens chose for the opening of his story.

Good servants of the road found equally good places on the railways—if they chose to take them.

The general court of Massachusetts met at Salem, and chose delegates to the first congress.