Failed [verb]

Definition of Failed:

be unsuccessful

Opposite/Antonyms of Failed:

Sentence/Example of Failed:

Those whose belief in the QAnon conspiracy was shaken by the failed prophecy of Inauguration Day may consider abandoning the group, and online posts suggest at least some members are, but they will need support to really sever their connection.

But with all her advantages Miss Solomonson failed with the old lord, and she abuses him to this day.

This was my sincere endeavor, in those many discourses I had with that monarch, although it unfortunately failed of success.

He failed to see that this man had suffered bitterly through his evil machinations.

History gives them scant notice, and the Federal government has failed to reward them as they deserve.

Probably his Private Secretary, considering you a new man, will have failed to furnish the necessary information.

In the later half of the campaign of 1806 he hopelessly failed to make any headway against the Russians east of the Vistula.

Lucy Warrender, ever ready for mischief, feigned an intense interest in racing matters, but failed to draw Lord Hetton.

A general rising was planned in Lombardy, but failed, as the Austrians received news of the proposed cession of Milan.

To my friends ever since I have not failed to recommend the passage of the Butterley tunnel as a desirable pleasure excursion.