Dared [verb]

Definition of Dared:

challenge, defy someone

Synonyms of Dared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dared:

Sentence/Example of Dared:

That woman meant mischief, or she would never have dared to suggest that a British officer should throw in his lot with hers.

The unfinished phrases floated, but dared not come to earth; they gathered but remained undelivered.

Truly the flag of Britain was trailing in the mire, or these men would not have dared to address him in that fashion.

I have dared to relate this to your Majesty because of my zeal as a loyal vassal, and as one who looks at things dispassionately.

If he had dared, he would have gone to her at once, to be put out of his misery, one way or the other.

He was absorbed in the agitated present, and dared not look an inch away from it.

When this reached the Governor's ears, he asked Mr. Jack how he dared do such a thing.

His expression said plainly that he would tear in a thousand pieces anything that dared to injure a hair of her head.

During the delirium of the fever, Dorothy raved continually about her mother, and dared not be left a moment alone in the dark.

There was another room whither both Norman and Etheldred wished to go, though they dared not hint at their desire.