Elicited [verb]

Definition of Elicited:

draw out

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Sentence/Example of Elicited:

Over several generations of such evolution, the algorithm has found stimuli that elicit much higher responses in visual neurons than do normal hand-picked natural stimuli.

Traditional methods like paywalls and newsletter sign-ups are just a start, but pubs must also ideate new ways to engage their audiences and elicit user registrations.

Upon reflection, that realization elicits some sympathy, and plenty of yucks.

The behaviors he exhibits and the responses he elicits from other characters are what really melt hearts and change minds.

Some of the questions elicited noticeably different answers among racial and ideological groups.

In certain markets pricing your home this way can lead to attracting more buyers and eliciting multiple offers.

Only one class of molecules, insoluble terpenoids, elicited a response from the cells.

Then, using the computational model, they synthesized images that they predicted would elicit unnaturally high levels of activity in the monkey neurons.

An ad-free model frees a platform from trying to elicit emotional responses based on a user’s past actions, all to keep them trapped on the site, perhaps to an addictive degree.

Instead, the site’s algorithm amplifies the reach of those most likely to elicit a reaction.