Ignited [verb]

Definition of Ignited:

set on fire

Synonyms of Ignited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ignited:

Sentence/Example of Ignited:

He tested the reactions of various materials—in trying to see whether camphor would ignite, he burned off his eyelashes and eyebrows.

Knowing that nature is dying ignites in me a preemptive nostalgia and the urge to stock up on outdoor experiences, like canned beans in a pandemic.

Senior running back Jake Funk helped ignite the offense with 221 rushing yards, more than he had ever accumulated in an entire season.

The outbreaks ignited a citywide epidemic that prompted the government to enforce even stricter lockdown provisions.

Three of the four largest wildfires in state history have ignited just since July.

The bill has ignited Republican fury, fueled misinformation and spilled into the San Diego mayor’s race, as VOSD’s Kayla Jimenez pointed out a few weeks ago.

What began as a cathartic truth-telling exercise for Magness ignited a full-blown investigation by USADA, which typically follows up on all credible tip-offs.

Houses in the WUI also mean people in the WUI, and people ignite over 95% of California wildfires.

As researchers study and debate where and how life on Earth first ignited, their findings offer an important bonus.

The gift sparked the formation of the first free public library in the United States—and ignited a movement across the country.