Ukase [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ukase:

He gives his reasons in the ukase wherein the change is announced.

Am I to expect tomorrow your ukase that I give up Scotch and soda or your patronage?

By an ukase he ordered that all children throughout the country should be educated.

By this ukase the Russian Empire loses nearly one-half of its territories.

The protest was heeded by the Czar and the ukase was rescinded.

The emperor made no difficulty about it, and issued a ukase to that effect.

Ukase, an edict issued by the Czar, having the force of a law.

The ukase against the beard was soon followed by one against the caftan, or long cloak, the old Russian dress.

And he prepared the ukase condemning his son to banishment in Uralsk, then kissed the Czar's hand.

So long as he lives, perhaps, no ukase will silence the Hatti-scherif of the padishad beyond the Arpatschai.