Sated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sated:

I am sated and wearied of luxury; sick of a gilded and glittering existence.

It sated our fear emotion and made, created a love-euphoria.

This is to hasten to be filled with God, to be sated with Him.

Vengeance is sated to the full; a path is cut through the enemy.'

I suppose there are times when the human craving for sensation is sated.

Never are sated with sight of my son, all-dearest of figures.

Those on whom you count in this bloody work are sated with slaughter.

Louis sated his troops with plunder and lost a crown for James II.

And still the boy gazed, till the eye was sated and the cruelty returned.

And having twice had a taste of Isabel's anger his appetite was sated.