Stocked [verb]

Definition of Stocked:

supply with merchandise

Synonyms of Stocked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stocked:

Sentence/Example of Stocked:

But don't you think he could get back some of the trade if the store was stocked up?

In that store, the proprietor had stocked just one rifle of the new make.

Even the servants had been engaged and the pantry and cellar had been stocked.

My mother and father just about stocked Jess Tenneyson's plantation with slaves.

They must have gone into camp close by, or they would never have stocked up.

It's not stocked, has no barn or stables, and no crop but the native grass.

These streams have been stocked en hit's good fishin', if ye know how.

The livestock had been removed, but every house in the valley was stocked with supplies.

The Union Store was finished, stocked, and operated, but its life was brief.

This drink was stocked especially for the servants in the Colony.