Padded [adjective]

Definition of Padded:


Synonyms of Padded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Padded:


Sentence/Example of Padded:

When she could not sleep, she got up and padded to the window in bare feet.

Henry said, pointing to a great slab of thick pudding, padded with currants.

Padded boots, two sizes too large for them, met the difficulty of small feet.

Mom, dozing in the big chair near the fireplace, padded upstairs at nine.

He was no longer lying on the padded bench beneath the mentrol hood.

She placed him gently, at full length, upon the padded floor.

The rough places of life had been padded for all these young women.

The book of life's padded, ah but padded—a deplorable want of editing!

He had two long stops, one of whom padded his chest with straw.

There were no relieving sounds of voice or wing or padded foot.