Approximately [adverb]

Definition of Approximately:


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Sentence/Example of Approximately:

This valley extends for approximately three hundred and fifty miles to the borderline of Tennessee.

Forests constitute approximately three-fifths or 60% of Virginia's total land area.

Bacon and approximately four hundred planters marched to the State House at Jamestown and demanded his commission.

Approximately 216,900 persons became residents of Virginia during this decade.

While he was taking a group of approximately eighty settlers to this region, he was attacked by a band of Indians.

By September 1781, he had approximately eight thousand soldiers garrisoned on the peninsula at Yorktown.

Richmond had grown in approximately twenty-five years from a village to a thriving city.

Both cavalry groups consisted of approximately 10,000 troops each.

To remedy this situation, the General Assembly decreased its total membership approximately one-fourth to help reduce expenses.

They also took it upon themselves to abolish approximately one-third of the local jobs created by the Underwood Constitution.