Most [adjective]

Definition of Most:

best, greatest

Synonyms of Most:

Opposite/Antonyms of Most:


Sentence/Example of Most:

He had been down into the bottom-most pit of hell, and the sights that he had seen there had withered him up.

The top-most bud waits only through the twelve hours of a single day to open.

Her father had no son living, therefore she was an only child, and the most-sought-after of any maiden in that band.

The noblest and most-varied scenery in the north-west Himalaya is in the catchment area of the Jhelam.

The birds were filling the top-most branches, a gathering of the clans, evidently, for the day's start.

It is the southwestern or left-most point of Rutowski's line; impregnable with its cannon-batteries and grenadiers.

On very tip-most top the lovely big surprise from foreign country.

It put the Evergreen on the world map, and made it the most-talked-of store in the country.

It usually travels from place to place in the direction of the most-frequented lines of communication.

You must know I spent more than one long vacation in exploring the most-out-of-the-way locations I could find.