Practically [adjective]

Definition of Practically:

almost; nearly

Synonyms of Practically:

Opposite/Antonyms of Practically:


Sentence/Example of Practically:

If you think it is I'll tell you something that isn't: Avice practically refused him.

Practically that is all we ever get from group-impulse—an act of courtesy.

That is, theoretically we may ascribe them to God, but practically we dissociate Him from them.

When the fire was vanquished, it had practically completed its work of destruction.

Its texture is practically the same as that of the other cake.

True, Sidney would not marry him for years, but she had practically promised to sometime.

In her perplexity, she was appealing to him who was practically a stranger.

It is scarcely ever seen on the stage—is, indeed, practically unactable.

Isn't it odd to think that we are going to be practically one family!

You mean—but my part in getting Joe off is practically nothing.