Extensively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Extensively:

Yet it’s unclear how extensive or far reaching Apple’s search ambitions are.

Make sure it is compatible with your device, as its compatibility isn’t as extensive as that of others.

Google’s ability to crawl billions of pages a day, its massive data centers, and its extensive computing across that data, have cemented their status as the dominant search engine and digital advertising market leader.

Even before the pandemic, Brazil had begun creating an extensive data-collection and surveillance infrastructure.

It was developed by designers with extensive experience in arena design and development.

Potatoes also are extensively planted, and I never saw a more vigorous growth.

Beggars are not abundant; but women are required to labor quite extensively in the fields.

Snuff is very extensively used in the mills and factories of Lancashire.

In 1682, tobacco had been grown so extensively in Virginia that the price of tobacco on the London market had declined rapidly.

It is extensively used in the manufacture of cigars, and on the continent it frequently realizes as much as 5s.