Roundly [adverb]

Definition of Roundly:


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Sentence/Example of Roundly:

He said roundly: "No, I shan't; I knew it would be a failure."

Nancy made a cry of alarm, took the hood out of his hand, and scolded him roundly.

Hogan replied by roundly cursing the coat and his own lucklessness.

"You ought to have them taught you with a stick," he had told her roundly, on the last occasion.

A paradox this to Maimon, and roundly denied as impossible when he first heard of it.

If others, he said, would go to work as roundly as himself, all would be well.

Mrs. Vincent roundly and unequivocally condemned the conduct of her husband.

Mother, for my pains, told me roundly I was not a gentleman.

She hinted at first, and then roundly asserted that I was perfectly well.

He roundly refused us; and we had to wait for a boat to pass and hail it, which we did.