Wholeheartedly [adverb]

Definition of Wholeheartedly:

seriously, honestly

Synonyms of Wholeheartedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wholeheartedly:

Sentence/Example of Wholeheartedly:

And just as simply and wholeheartedly as you made the offer, I accept it.

She accepted, as wholeheartedly as he gave it, an income of two hundred a year from him.

Pachuca began to laugh; gently at first, then wholeheartedly.

Clare was beginning to guess that what Miss Durand did, she did wholeheartedly.

In the end he, like herself, must look on at the fun rather than share in it wholeheartedly.

"We must, sir," said the Captain of the "Royal Oak" wholeheartedly.

With Mrs. Allan Anne fell promptly and wholeheartedly in love.

A wild and restless youngster, Tad was wholeheartedly for anything he didn't have.

They had fallen in love so wholeheartedly, so gaily, those two.

You know how flippant, how 'fly-away,' he can be when the mood seizes him, how wholeheartedly he can play the fool.