Presumably [adverb]

Definition of Presumably:

likely, reasonably

Opposite/Antonyms of Presumably:

Sentence/Example of Presumably:

We can only say that they will be different, and presumably loftier ones.

At least I possess the key of his flat, presumably with his permission.

She drew a long breath, presumably of relief, and moved a step forward.

Presumably, the Russian troops there had come from Ivangorod.

He presumably knew all the employees of his company by sight.

This was presumably a training voyage of his own suggestion.

The message borne by Mrs. Tidditt had, presumably, been delivered.

There had been a murmur, presumably of remonstrance, from Helen.

Because that is the formation of the hills, and presumably the line of heights would be followed.

"Presumably it's the new head-gardener," she replied with brevity.