Derail [verb]

Definition of Derail:

go off the rails

Synonyms of Derail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derail:

Sentence/Example of Derail:

He testified that he had kept the detective agencies informed as to the progress of the plot to derail the train.

To derail a train is legitimate warfare, with many precedents to support it.

An engine, moreover, that had the power of leaving the metals to chase you should you not derail it.

Something told Gladys that the men had had no business at the switch; that they meant to derail and wreck the Limited.

But, for that matter, he would derail what he liked, and cross where he pleased.

We are learning, too, that a good derail can be installed without cutting the rail.

Then it is that a brief hour may side-track or derail the good work of many days.

He knew for a certainty whose plantations he might traverse, and whose fences he might derail.

To add to the traveller's discomfort, the road-bed is as bad as it can be and not derail the cars constantly.

The attack of the savages seemed to be concentrating forward, evidently to derail the engine or kill the engineer.