Mainstream [adjective]

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Just as for the Si2 technologies, we must now ensure that they enter the mainstream market.

Fortnite, Animal Crossing, Roblox and Among Us have swept mainstream culture to the point where even non-gamers know them well — reaching a kind of mainstream success rarely seen before.

Hans Noel and Jonathan Chait both wrote pieces about how mainstream Republicans would essentially learn to live with the antidemocratic elements of their party.

He published numerous non-pornographic mainstream periodicals.

As streaming has become more mainstream, people are increasingly open to subscribing to multiple streaming services.

Other lifestyle sports, such as skateboarding or surfing, had struggled with an existential dissonance with members rebuffing mainstream acceptance or organized events.

The strategy of short selling gained mainstream attention in the last two weeks as investors rushed to buy GameStop shares, setting off an epic short squeeze.

Social network posts must be examined, and not just “mainstream” ones like Facebook and Twitter.

Decades of effort by the right to undermine the media had succeeded in diminishing reliance on mainstream news outlets, creating a space for conservative-focused outlets.

Maybe the junior senator from Ohio and other mainstream Republicans couldn’t have stopped the Trumpist takeover of their party if they had tried.