Dreaded [verb]

Definition of Dreaded:

anticipate with horror

Synonyms of Dreaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dreaded:

Sentence/Example of Dreaded:

Just like bears, they seem to spend the last months of the year hibernating in the warmth of their homes, dreading the very thought of setting a single foot outside.

That shock has passed, and in its place creeps a nihilistic dread.

We also have time to fill — more hours at home, more hours alone to think about the dread and boredom of, well, all of this.

The nursing home finally had its first positive test, and that was the phone call I’d been dreading.

Ask anyone in food media about the annual jokes and dread about Thanksgiving.

They come reverse-engineered by news feeds that draw us in with outrage and keep us scrolling with a simmering sensation of depletion and dread.

He found fault with them at every stage, filling their lives with dread of being dispatched to the Gulag.

As the CEO of a company that deploys what I hope is the least intrusive form of these dreaded banners, I can say there has to be a better solution, and one that is more focused on the end user’s best interest.

Market observers and strategists have been counseling clients on what a contested election might do to equities, and many dread what kind of volatility we’d see in the event of a dragged-out election decision.

My work clothes were also tight and restrictive, and I dreaded getting dressed for work everyday.