Tenant [noun]

Definition of Tenant:

person who leases a place

Synonyms of Tenant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tenant:

Sentence/Example of Tenant:

The last I heard of him, he was the tenant of a western penitentiary.

She was betrothed to a good young man, too: a tenant of his.

From something in your last, I would wish to explain my idea of being your tenant.

I have no foolish notion of being a tenant on easier terms than another.

No tenant could be found for the place, which was avoided as if the plague still clung to it.

Coupeau told his friends he'd pay them something later, out of the rent from his tenant.

Madame Leonce refused to allow the women to go up to her tenant's room.

I'd get a bit of land somewhere, though I couldn't be a tenant on Ballycloran.

The left-hand apartment on this floor had as its tenant a Miss Norman.

Needless to say Jed Winslow did no speculating concerning his tenant's "past."