Bedfellow [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bedfellow:

Wallace crept into bed beside his communicative bedfellow in silence.

He first made an attempt on the apprentice, his bedfellow; but he struggled so far as to effect his escape, and hid himself.

He implores mercy for his “desolate bedfellow,” for her children, and for his sons by his first wife.

My bedfellow and I slept on an oilcloth, covered with an overcoat, and tied our four feet up together in a flannel shirt.

Why do they hardly feel that they have prayed if company, or a bedfellow, on a journey, keeps them from using oral prayer?

To guard against this possibility he is to sleep between my foreman and myself—delectable bedfellow he'll prove, doubtless.

No, no, captain; you forget Rose; she's to be my bedfellow, you know.

For thus it stood with Cûr: No joy was it to be his bedfellow or to live with him.

Edward Cary, lying down in the darkness near one of the guns, had put out a hand and touched a bedfellow.

This command was also obeyed, although, as may be readily supposed, she did not much relish such a bedfellow.